Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cash for Clunkers?

“Cash for Clunkers”? Hot diggity dog! What a great new idea to adapt into the whole new ARRA/HITECH EHR adoption drive!

I mean, think about it...we’re trying to drive users to EHR adoption, right? We’re hoping to encourage “meaningful use” which could sort of be interpreted as improved mileage, yes? We want every new EHR driver using a system which will participate and share safely on the health information sharing multilane highway, no? And, ultimately, we’d like to see all those non-CCHIT-certified, non-government-approved EHR clunkers off the road, eh?

So, if you read or watch any news lately, you know the auto-selling industry has had a landslide success with the government’s “big bucks for your trash trade-in program” formally known as the Car Allowance Rebate System or CARS. (Cute, huh?) Intended to run until November, the billion dollar budget appears to have been blown in only one week. Talk about end user adoption!!!

Such blazing success should not go unimitated. You want an EHR in every provider pot? Let’s take a lesson and forget the whole 44K reimbursement nonsense. Here’s the new deal:

  • First, we pick a catchy name like “Every Human Receives Something” or EHRs.
  • Next, we choose a cute-ish informal moniker, say, “Moolah for Medicine.”
  • Third, we decide upon a set of high mileage models worthy of reimbursement...of course, CCHIT-certified systems will likely be the defacto choice.
  • Finally, we offer cold, hard, trade-in cabbage to all clunkers out there – those notoriously antiquated non-CCHIT systems and, obviously, anyone still driving the prehistoric pen-and-paper monstrosities.

If $4,500 for a running, drivable, used car inspires sufficient adoption of new, high-mileage models to burn through a billion bucks in one week, I’ll betcha an upfront $44K to turn in old, gas-guzzling EHR junkers or paper-based jalopies for sleek, new, energy efficient health record roadsters will tear through 19 billion greenbacks in two, three days, tops.

First posted on HIStalk, August 11, 2009.

What I lack in decorum, I make up for with an absence of tact. - Don Williams, Jr.


Marshall Maglothin said...

The HITECH Grants will produce the most profound advancement in health information, and I believe in ultimately the delivery of personal health care, in mankind's history. This platform will move us from a fragmented electronic structure for financial transactions to the breath-taking new vista of disease prevention and management.

I encourage all of your HIT readers to be aggressive and involved participants in networking to energize this transformation with the regional organizations which will burst forth in the next 18 months.

JermaineOscar said...

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