Saturday, March 6, 2010

OHIP - The Ohio Health Information Partnership

For those who haven't heard, the Department of Health and Human Services awarded nearly 1 billion dolllars in ARRA monies back in February to help advance the adoption of HIT. The monies are provided to help states establish HIEs (Health Information Exchanges) and RECs (Regional Extension Centers) to assist with implementation, training, and support.

Ohio was lucky enough to receive two REC grants: one for Greater Cincinnati Healthbridge, one of the few real success stories in the world of HIEs, and one for OHIP (the Ohio Health Information Partnership) which is a private-public partnership jointly organized by cooperation among several entities, including BioOhio, the Ohio Hospital Association, the Ohio Osteopathic Association, the Ohio State Medical Association, and state government.

OHIP received the largest of these 32 REC grants, $28.5 million dollars. This is due to a tremendous amount of effort upon the part of the planners, but also it is a recognition of their unique and insightful approach. You can read more about OHIP at their web site:

This week, I agreed to serve on the working group for this project, OHIP's REC Committee. I am honored and excited by this challenge. I'll bring my small community and private practice perspective to these discussions and hope to provide a view often overlooked in large scale HIT considerations. Most importantly, the responsibilty of using that money - mine and yours - wisely will remain paramount for me.

I believe in transparency and open collaboration. I believe the good folks behind the OHIP initiative do, too. I will seek their blessing for keeping a dialogue running here about their progress (with appropriate discretion, of course!)

From the trenches...

"Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish." - John Quincy Adams